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WELCOME to the Best Balloons and Party Supplies Store in Bali, The Bali Party Shop, the Super Heroes of Party Decorations

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A party is nothing without the latest shapes of foil balloons, rich colours of latex balloons, lanterns and all the other cool party supplies... we’re Going To Have A PARTY, YipEE!

We Love a Party, who doesn't, and the great news is, we can make your party go off with a smack, bang, crackle and pop, with a buzz on-top.

That's right we supply the perfect party accessories such as decorative balloons, flying sky lanterns, floating lanterns, helium balloons, LED candles, birthday party packs, hanging banners, balloon bouquets etc, creating the perfect setting, the perfect atmosphere that will WOW your guests whatever occasion or event you are celebrating, whether it’s :

  • kids birthday party
  • super hero party
  • stag night party
  • hen party
  • anniversary
  • graduation celebration
  • Easter or Christmas party
  • adult birthday dinner
  • baby shower
  • wedding party

For sure The Bali Party Shop is probably the number 1 choice for supplying party decorations and other party stuff. All the party things you need. A one stop party store for any party occasion. You see we are not the typical (under stocked, cash grabbing, slow delivery, sloppy service) party supply company.

No sir... actually quite the opposite. We have the most excited, dedicated passionate team that la la la love the fact that our premium quality products will help you have a great party, celebration and / or enjoy other wonderful special moments. We make sure YOU KNOW that your shipment is packed and shipped on it's way to you in record time. Now let's talk about balloons.

We probably stock the most extensive range of latex and foil balloons this side of the equator, right here available in our Bali Party store.

For latex balloons we have a wide selection of prints as well as every colour you can visualise for a variety of occasions such as anniversaries, general birthdays, or the special ages birthday, 18th, 21st, 50th, 60th, 100th, get well soon, "hey, it's a boy/girl" births etc. we also stock Valentine's Day balloons, Wedding balloons, etc.

Go to our Balloons area of this website >>here Our stock of foil balloon super shapes. If it is a party you are having the party section is for you. we have cups, plates and a whole range of tableware for decorating the table for whatever party occasion.

Now... if you want to have a wonderful ending to that special night’s celebration why not help make your wishes come true by having each guest release a flying lantern into the sky. A flying wish.

By the way if you are in Bali we invite you to come visit The Bali Party Shop and maybe you will be pleasantly surprised.