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Our Story

Our Story.. and Why Choose Us?

A story of Risk, Vision and a passion.

A desire of a young couple to change their lives.

Once upon a time (2004 to be more exact) a young couple (Hanna and hubby) searching for a better life move to China to work in an electronic company.

It wasn't totally what they expected and soon they started to dream of having their OWN business. They racked their brains for a product or service to provide to the European market that may be taken for granted here in Asia.

They wanted to supply a product or service to Europe totally unique to them. A product that is maybe widely used in Asia but not yet experienced in Europe. One that will also help to PROMOTE Asia.  

Then one day an idea sparked in their minds -- Sky Lanterns!

Using flying 'Sky Lanterns' at celebration parties is a well known tradition in China. They have been used since the 18 century to send 'a wish to the sky'.

Sky Lanterns is very much a Chinese / Asian tradition not seen in Europe. Why not export this idea to Europe for them to experience something from the east?

Sky lanterns are excellent for weddings and other celebration parties.

After some due diligence they excitedly discovered no-one was actually doing this in any commercial way. They could become the pioneers in the business.

They decided to go ahead and take the plunge to START THEIR OWN BUSINESS!

One of their decisions from the start was, that no matter what challenges came along they would NOT compromise on quality, something they knew the Europeans were very particular about.

So they got started and in 2006 the business took off like a rocket! 12 to 18 containers per month.

Soon many copycat companies started up, imitating their products making them cheaper but still advertising the same quality.

The couple were not phased (or maybe just a little) and decided to stick to their promise on NO COMPROMISE in Quality.

Soon it was obvious to customers that the cheaper imitation products were not reliable. Some did not even make it off the ground. Competitors came and went. But the cheaper brands did start to effect sales.

By 2008 the couple decided to settle in Bali and take trips to China as necessary to take care of production and export etc.

They became aware that Bali also did not use Sky Lanterns in their parties and celebrations. So they were soon offering it and selling from a small rental apartment in Kuta. Ads were put out online and everywhere else for this unique flying lantern and the response was tremendous. Inquires came in everyday.

Many people also started to ask for other party items such as latex balloons, different shaped foil balloons, party banners and other birthday party paraphernalia.

Hanna said no we don't have these but we will get them.

Once these were supplied people started asking about many other items like, birthday hats, masks, wedding pom pom, floating lanterns, candles etc etc.

This is how the idea then came about to really specialise in ALL things for PARTIES and the "Bali Party Shop / Store" was born.

A physical Party Shop was opened in Canggu and NOW this online shopping site so the whole world can take advantage of all the wonderful quality party products. The TOP party products in Bali and beyond!

Come visit our shop in Bali and qualify for a surprise Gift. We LOVE to surprise you.